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We are establishing a JFY campus ambassadors (JCA) network across the country in a phased manner. If you are studying in year 1, 2, 3 or final year and have still more than 10 months of college remaining then you can apply to be a JCA.

  • Being a JCA is hard work, you need to be ambitious, passionate about assisting the college and your students in finding the right job/skill.
  • The effort you put in here will make you a well-rounded individual and develop skills that will be very helpful in the corporate world like – getting work done, dealing with people, networking, addressing issues, working with teams etc.
  • Of course, there would be some benefits if you wish to a JCA, as under:
    • Monthly mobile recharge voucher for phone every month. Of course you need to work.
    • An internship certificate from Jobs for Youth Pvt Ltd.
    • Access to free tickets for shows / online shopping vouchers/ parties.
  • You start as JCA and if you do a great job of enlisting students with their full profiles onto JFY, get video CVs uploaded on the site, do a survey on the type of jobs they are looking at, which type of companies they aspire for, alumni database collation, understand any special gaps the student feel they have vis-à-vis the job role they are aspiring for.

JCA Cluster Lead

  • If you are able to get a majority of the students to register (it is free) in say 6 months and you do an awesome job, you can become a JCA Cluster lead.
  • As a cluster lead you would then coordinate with the JCA of other colleges in the area allocated to you. Develop the catchment area and get JFY entrenched in the minds and hearts of the students/community.
  • You can get a stipend for the efforts you put in.
  • And of course a letter of work experience .

JCA City Head

  • If performance meets expectations then in another 6 months you can become a City Head.
  • In this position you would be representing the company in the city and meet with clients, work with local NGOs, communities, conduct job fairs etc.
  • If you do well as a city head then you can earn up to Rs. 10,000 a month.

If interested then apply NOW but only if you are serious to learn and work hard. We are looking for ambassadors in select sates/cities and will connect with you as soon as we activate the city of your location.