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By JFY Content Team

Bagging a high-paying job is not easy in any corner of the world. You can either work smart and build a credible profile or work hard in the job to get promoted.

Securing the high-paying job is another challenge in itself. You need to acquire a deep knowledge and proper qualifications from good institutes. If you are looking for a job right out of college or, looking to switch the job to become a millionaire. We have listed top 5 jobs that aspiring millionaires can pursue.

1. Management Professional

Management professionals are at the soul of any organization. The job of a manager includes various tasks in the organization. Professionals at the higher levels can demand a big amount as a salary. The job of managers includes a lot of hard work even at the entry level.
Average salary:

Entry level – Rs 300,000

Mid-career – Rs 25,00,000

Experienced – Rs 80,00,000

2. Investment Banker

Investment bankers trying to raise capital for the company deal with a lot of money. Although the job of investment bankers include sensitive matters and high risk, it comes with a good number of perks.

Average salary:

Entry level – Rs 12,00,000

Mid-career – Rs 30,00,000

Experienced – Rs 50,00,000+

3. Chartered Accountant (CA)

Chartered Accountant (CA) needs to hold a command over Business and Accountancy. The job of a CA is critical for any business. The professional has to be extraordinarily well-groomed.

Average salary:

Entry level – Rs 5,50,000

Mid-career – Rs 12,80,000

Experienced – Rs 25,70,000

4. Business Analyst

The growing competition among businesses in India makes the job of a business analyst critical. Business Analysts need to be able to analyze the competition in any market. Companies prefer to higher professionals with high IQ and logical mind. Business analysts are expected to bring some level of experience before applying for any job.

Salary – approximately Rs 6 lakh per annum

5. Aviation Professionals

The individuals working in aviation sector often get high salaries. The sector employs individuals across all professional positions. The popular jobs in aviation include commercial pilot, helicopter pilot, and aircraft maintenance engineer. The candidate applying for a job needs to have a relevant educational background and a decent amount of experience.

Average salary:

Commercial Pilot – Rs 20,00,000

Helicopter Pilot – Rs 18,00,000

Aircraft maintenance engineer – Rs 9,80,000

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